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The plot is confined between two streets. It is narrow at one end and wide at the other and slopes slightly. The building zigzags across the plot. This allows for a characteristic shape and presents a solution to several key issues: the varying levels in the terrain, traffic noise, access for local services, clearly defined street spaces, high utilization degree and green yard spaces.

The building contains many one- and two-room flats, which are reached via two spacious entrance halls that also serve as meeting places. The flats are compact and distributed around a large central room and the balconies that are found on all sides of the house. All the windows are in fact doors leading onto the balconies and terraces and providing a link to the outdoor environment: life in the street, the view, seasonal changes, variations throughout the day and the changing weather.

The building will be constructed of prefab components, which are installed on site and require little finishing after installation. The facade will feature sand-blasted grey concrete elements with added balconies in the same concrete finish. Storage spaces on the balconies are created in matching materials and colours. Details and added features, such as glass balcony railings and aluminium windows, match the overall structure.

Size: 6800 m² 
Program: Apartments, garage & retail
Location: Sollentuna
Status: Competition / Second Prize 

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Facade from south