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The five small apartment houses are built on a plot bordering an area with traditional detached houses, many of them large, brick-built houses that are more than a century old. Designing the flats with a ‘villa feel’ was a key focus. A clear nod to the ‘villa style’ is the large size of the flats, some of them extending in all direction and taking up a whole floor.

The building volumes refer back to the architectural heritage with their pitched roofs. The red brick facade is punctuated with large, rhythmically recurring glazed openings that give the building a calm expression. To adapt the buildings to the setting, each house also will be surrounded by private gardens, highlighting the feeling of five freestanding villas.

The plot contains an existing office building and a nursery school. These will be demolished. A new nursery school is established in one of the new buildings. An existing transformer substation has to be kept and is assimilated into one of the new building volumes.


Size: 8000 m²
Program: Housing
Location: Danderyd
Status: Proposal

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