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Living among the trees and allowing house and nature to blend into one was the underlying vision for the twenty small multi-storey buildings.
Each building consists of two row houses stacked on top of each other. This solution makes for a smaller total footprint than a traditional row house development.
None of the flats has its own plot of land. Instead, they have balconies that jut out to varying degrees. At the same time as the development gives the feel of living among the trees, it also has a distinctively urban feel, where residents avoid spending time on gardening and instead embrace the experience of nature.
Like traditional row houses, each flat has a kitchen and family room downstairs with bedrooms and a second family room upstairs. The houses have a timber frame and facades with vertical wood cladding and woodchip terrace railings. All the rooms have French doors to allow free access to the terraces.


Size: 5000 m²
Program: 20 houses with 50 apartements
Plats: Stockholm
Status: Proposal


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