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Little Red Riding Hood

A streak of red in the forest. A winding wall. 
A wall is intrinsically an artefact in nature, like everything built. But this particular wall embraces nature, adapts to it and engages it in dialogue instead of marking a sharp boundary between building and nature. It is a building on nature’s terms, seeking to minimize its own impact while temporarily using the site, its vegetation and its conditions to shape the necessary spaces and settings.  
The wall is made of plywood in a self-stabilizing construction. It is easy to dismantle without leaving any traces behind.  
The falu red refers to a feature of vernacular architecture that is a familiar sight in the Swedish landscape from crofts and farmsteads built in harmony with nature.

The Pavillion is placed in a forest grove in the Sofiero castle garden and is a part of the exhibition Scale 1:1.

Size: 50 m
Program: Pavillion
Location: Sofiero Castle, Helsingborg
Status: Exhibition

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